The Disaster Plan

Austin Water Damage Restoration Services

Any disaster plan for the Austin area should include a call to ATEX Water Damage Restoration. Our reputation and experience confirm that we’ll be all over your problem, expertly and expeditiously returning your company to its former state. Austin companies trust us to be there if they ever face a water disaster. Many years of experience as water damage recovery authorities has established us as the go-to company.

Water Damage Situation May Have Hidden Dangers

In the event of a flood or water damage due to burst plumbing, a leaking roof or any other source, there may be many hidden dangers. The floor may not support the weight of the furniture and office equipment. If you explore the ruins, you’re placing yourself in a potentially life-threatening situation. Electrocution is a real possibility, as is a fall down a flooded stairway. We’re here to keep you safe by doing the scary work.

Trained Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are trained to analyze the situation and safely rid your building of the water. After that, we’ll begin drying out the furniture and equipment at a clean, safe environment. That protects you from mold and mildew that could be released during the drying out process. Our dedicated 7 day 24-hour emergency response team will provide emergency generators to restore power. We’ll completely dehumidify the full site. We’ll recover electronic data and restore wet documents.

Volatile Materials

Materials and supplies may also become volatile or unsafe to handle after being exposed to a flood. We know how to handle them. We have the equipment to remove and spouse of any chemicals or suspect substances on your property, even if they’ve been sitting in a box under a stairway since the Industrial Revolution.

Disaster Knows Nothing of Time

Emergencies don’t respect work days or holidays, day or night. That’s why we’re committed to being on-site as quickly as possible, regardless of when you call us. Your disaster is our rescue mission, and we know it’s time sensitive. You need to not only resume business but also to regain a sense of well-being after a disaster. That’s why we’re here. You’re going to have plenty on your plate as it is. Let experts handle the clean-up as you resume communication with clients and your insurance company. While you’re handling the red tape, we’ll deal with the water-soaked carpet and warped flooring. While you purchase replacement computers and supplies, we’ll be preparing your space for a resumption of service. While you’re contacting your employees, we’ll be preparing a game plan and implementing it.